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CCSD Ambassadors Support New Teacher Recruitment

CCSD Ambassadors Support New Teacher Recruitment

March begins peak teacher hiring season for school districts, and the Cherokee County School District calls upon a special team to aid in its recruiting success: current teachers.

The CCSD Recruitment Ambassador team is made up of outstanding educators from across the school district selected for their excellence in teaching and knowledge of the district and its opportunities for teachers.  Team members represent different grade levels, subject areas, school innovation zones, years of experience and personal backgrounds, with each adding unique and valuable perspectives. 

While the team is called upon most during the spring, they serve year-round upon the request of the Office of Human Resources to attend job fairs locally and on college campuses.  

CCSD’s Supervisor of Recruitment Lindsay Bowley led the initiative to establish the team as part of the division’s focus on improving the interaction candidates have with the district at job fairs and other recruiting opportunities.

“These moments are pivotal, and that is why we have chosen to utilize Recruitment Ambassadors, some of our finest teachers, to help future employees see the benefits of being a part of CCSD,” she said.  “Our Ambassadors are trained to ask intentional questions in order to discern talent.  They learn how to listen to what a prospective hire is looking for and respond accordingly while simultaneously showcasing all the aspects of CCSD that make us a great place to work.”  

Not only do the Ambassadors engage with candidates at in-person events, they also follow-up with candidates after events to answer any additional questions about working for CCSD and living in Cherokee County.

“This team has given our recruitment efforts a unique edge among other districts at events because they can give a real-time reference point as to what it is like to teach here in CCSD,” Ms. Bowley said.  “We are proud of our Recruitment Ambassadors because they represent CCSD well, and they have enabled us to go far and wide to seek out the very best talent.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said the initiative is part of CCSD’s larger strategy to improve recruitment and retention and applauds the work by the Human Resources team.

“We know CCSD is the best place in the world to work and Cherokee County is the best place in the world to live.  What makes this initiative special is the teachers considering whether to work and live here get to hear that perspective from someone they can professionally and personally relate to, which is powerful,” he said.  “Chief Human Resource Officer Rick Beaulieu and his team, especially Lindsay as our recruiting supervisor, have done a tremendous job improving our recruiting efforts.  Their work has been critical in ensuring our schools are fully staffed for opening day each year and that the teachers we hire meet our high standards for excellence.”

Mr. Beaulieu said Ms. Bowley has earned that high praise through her dedication to building CCSD’s recruitment program.

“She has been a perfect fit for our team and clearly understands our core values both as a divisions and district,” he said.  “The work that she has done with the Ambassador program is just another example of why CCSD continues to be a desired destination for educators both in and out of state to call home.”

Thank you to this year’s team of CCSD Recruitment Ambassadors:

Danielle Barber, Clark Creek Elementary School STEM Academy
Charm Cochran, Oak Grove Elementary School STEAM Academy
Julie Coker, Creekview High School
Reagan Day, Macedonia Elementary School
Elizabeth Ellington, Clark Creek Elementary School STEM Academy
Lindsey Goran, Avery Elementary School
Emily Gross, Teasley Middle School 
Brandon Grummer, Sequoyah High School
Cody Lamanac, Teasley Middle School 
Teleah McTeer, Creekland Middle School
Hajeen Mustafa, Creekview High School
Jackie Powell, Creekview High School
Emily Robinette, Sixes Elementary School
Mahirah Rokarya, Liberty Elementary School
Madison Shlyakhetko, Mill Creek Middle School
Merrell Sperling, Holly Springs Elementary School
Brittany Stallings, Johnston Elementary School
Cody Thomas, Macedonia Elementary School
Sarah Thornley, Cherokee High School