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Graphic Design/Graphic Communications

Terri Jacomine

Introduction to Graphics and Design

The foundational course for both the Graphics Production and Graphics Design pathways. The Graphics and Design course provides students with the processes involved in the technologies of printing, publishing, packaging, electronic imaging, and their allied industries. In addition, the Graphics and Design course offers a range of cognitive skills, aesthetics, and crafts that includes typography, visual arts, and page layout.  
Graphic Design and Production

Pre-requisite - Introduction to Graphics and Design 

Builds on knowledge and skills previously learned and focuses on procedures commonly used in the graphic communication and design industries. Students gain more experience in creative problem solving and the practical implementation of those solutions across multiple areas of graphic design and graphic communications. 

Advanced Graphic Design

Pre-requisite - Graphic Design and Production

Students will continue to explore in an increasingly independent manner, the principles of design and layout procedures relating to the field of graphic design. Content will cover electronic systems and software programs used in graphic design, page composition, image conversion, and digital printing. Knowledge and skills in digital design and imaging will be enhanced through experiences that simulate the graphic design industry and school-based and work-based learning opportunities. This is the final course in the Graphic Design pathway.

Graphic Output Processes

Pre-requisite - Advanced Graphic Design

As the third course in the Graphics Communication Pathway, students will gain more advanced levels of experience to complete the output processes of various projects in an increasingly independent manner. Students also learn to manage the output and completion process as a whole including customer relations management, printing, finishing, and binding. Students will continue to accumulate work samples that will constitute their personal portfolio. Upon successful completion of the course, students are prepared to move into employment or a post-secondary educational environment where self-motivation and a high level of skill are expected.